Cross country auto transport
Cross country auto transport
Cross country auto transport
Cross country auto transport
Cross country auto transport

How To Decide If Car Transport Is Right For You

Cross country auto transport

To Drive or Not To Drive - That is the Question

Moving is often a stressful time. Figuring out how to get your furniture from Point A to Point B, forwarding your mail, and deciding what goes and what stays can be a headache and a half. That’s why transporting a car has become such a popular part of the cross-country move: it’s one less thing on your list. We at Logisticargo USA know each person has their own set of needs when considering options to move a vehicle across the country. This blog post will help determine whether shipping your car is right for you and what options can best fits your needs, Pro/Con Style. We’ve got your back.

Car Transport Pro:

  • Saving your vehicle thousand of miles in wear and tear
  • Eliminate the added expenses of unforseen circumstances including (but not limited to) flat tires, unsavory hotels, cost of meals, etc.
  • Shortening personal travel times by taking other means of transport, including air travel.

It’s no secret that shipping your car eliminates high-mileage rack-ups and unfavorable weather conditions. The trouble with long-trips is the amount of planning needed to combat those unplanned instances. Even the best planner can’t always predict for stretches of open road without cell service which could prevent you from calling AAA in an emergency. And, of course, why drive when you can fly? Sure, airports can be a bit tedious but you don’t have to watch the road. Just sit back and relax.

Car Transport Con:

  • Someone else is going to handle your vehicle.
  • Shipping may be a more expensive than taking cross-country trip
  • Being without a car while waiting for delivery.

We know separation can be hard with any car owner but with over many years of experience, our team takes the utmost care of every vehicle we ship. Still unsure? We offer special shipping with private containers, premium car placement, and a multitude of insurance options just-in-case. With many years of experience, you can trust we will treat your vehicle with the respect it deserves.

Yes, shipping your vehicle can be expensive, but our team will work with you to ensure the best cost and deliver unparalleled protection for your vehicle ...all while saving you the stress of trip planning.

And yes, you’re car might be behind you but rental services around the country are really upping the ante. From the traditional rental companies to ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber, getting around is becoming easier than ever.

Not matter what kind of car owner you are, deciding to ship is a personal decision. Give our seasoned team a call: 954-361-9796 to discuss what options would work best for you and your vehicle. We understand moving can be a hassle - let us take the worry so that you don't have to. Happy Trails!


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