Shipping cars internationally FAQ
Shipping cars internationally FAQ
Shipping cars internationally FAQ
Shipping cars internationally FAQ
Shipping cars internationally FAQ

Shipping Cars Internationally - 6 Things To Know

Six Things to Keep In Mind When Shipping Cars Internationally

1. If You Are Far from Shipping Port?

We can pick up your car. Unless you’d prefer to take time off from your busy schedule and to drive to port yourself. Think about related expenses: your time, gas, maybe hotel room, flight back home, who knows what happens on a road - yeah, sometimes is cheaper and smarter to let us to pick up your car from home or business. Just give us a call and we’ll get your vehicle (or vehicles) to the departure port.

Shipping Cars Internationally

2. RoRo Shipping - Cheap and Convinient

Our RORO Vehicle Shipping Service is very useful money saving way of shipping vehicles. Vehicles will be driven onto the upper or lower decks of the RORO Vessels before being strapped securely for shipping.

3. Ship Car Inside Container

Got a expensive luxury car or just want to be sure that your car is safe as possible, Logisticargo USA is here to get you covered. We can get your vehicle into a 20 or 40 foot shipping container and provide the max coverage for your cargo.

4. More Cars Means More Savings

Logisticargo USA is in the business of getting you the biggest bang for your buck. Imagine the thrill of saving a couple of bucks on your favorite cereal at the bulk superstore… now multiply that by at least a thousand because we’re talking cars here. Our team can provide additional savings when you ship multiple vehicles via container. Take advantage and feel the thrill of the savings.

5. Air Freight - Fastest Way

We can’t knock the reliability of overseas ocean barges – they’ve got a long history. But these days, a little boost in technology can help get your vehicle to international destination in less than half the time. So if you’re in a rush, skip the ocean voyage and ask our team about Air Freight.

6. We Handle All the Paperwork

If you thought airport security lines are obnoxious, you don’t want to get near customs proceedings for overseas cargo. We’ll take one for the team by cataloging your vehicle, getting the correct paperwork, and ensure your items get though customs with no hassle. Give us a call today!


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