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LCL FCL Cargo Container Shipping
LCL FCL Cargo Container Shipping
LCL FCL Cargo Container Shipping
LCL FCL Cargo Container Shipping

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LCL FCL Cargo Shipping

A customer recently contacted us with the desire to ship some cargo from Los Angeles to Panama. Upon requesting cargo merchandise and weight, we informed him that it will be more budget friendly to have his cargo be shipped as LCL as opposed to FCL. As this was his first time shipping, he was unaware of the different options he had. All he knew was that he wanted his cargo to be loaded on a container and shipped via ocean and not by air.

LCL is the abbreviation for the shipping term Less than Container Load while FCL is the abbreviation for the shipping term Full Container Load.

LCL shipments (Less than Container Loads), are partial loads that are stuffed into a container along with other LCL shipments from other clients destined to same destination. Customers who take advantage of LCL services are those who do not have enough to ship a FCL (Full Container Load) shipment, or those who have cargo that surpasses the volume of a FCL. The main advantage of having us coordinate a LCL shipment, is that customers do not have to wait until they have a FCL shipment. If they only have a pallet or two, they have the option of shipping while only being responsible for the costs of their volume inside our consolidated containers. This is great for clients that do not wish to commit to the costs of a Full Container Load.

While you may not have enough cargo volume to complete a container, don’t think that the best option will always be LCL. Below we will give you a real life scenario of LCL vs. FCL.

Another customer wishing to ship from Miami, Florida to Rio Haina, Dominican Republic contacted us with the request to have us ship 862.50 cubic feet of cargo as Less than Container Load export. We told him that due to the volume it will be in his best interest to ship a Full Container Load. He told us he disagrees as a 20’ container has the capacity of roughly 1,130 cubic feet and he is off by close to 300 cubic feet. We broke down the shipment as followed:

Container Shipping Cost?

The cost of ocean freight for a 20’ container from Miami to Rio Haina, Dominican Republic is US$ 1350.00 The cost per cubic foot of ocean freight from Miami to Rio Haina, Dominican Republic for Less than Container Loads is US$ 1.75 862.50 cubic feet being shipped as Less than Container Load will cost the client 1509.38, while having us ship a Full Container Load will cost him US$ 159.38 less.

The customer was happy with our costs and clarification and is now constantly booking ocean shipments with our team. Make sure that your freight forwarder is willing to do what is in your best interest when shipping. Contact Logisticargo USA so that we can assist you in all of your shipping needs.


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