NVOCC - Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

Many who are looking to export a shipment from the United States, may constantly hear the recommendation to use the services of a NVOCC or a Freight Forwarder. First, let’s define what a NVOCC is.

A NVOCC is a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. These entities are those who have been deemed qualified by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) to carry out ocean transportation services. NVOCC’s carry out the same duties as ocean carriers with the exception that they do not own vessels. Companies with NVOCC status have proved that they have the experience and the financial responsibility to carry out their duties as an ocean transportation intermediary.

Why should a customer work with a NVOCC?

Aside from having experience in ocean shipping, NVOCC’s typically hold service contracts with many of the big name carriers where they commit to a certain amount of volume in order to receive special tariffs and rates for their shipments. As NVOCC’s with service contracts, companies can then pass along those savings to their customers.

Apart from saving customers money on their shipments, NVOCC’s can also make sure that the shipments are exported under all guidelines and regulations set forth by governing authorities.

At Logisticargo USA, we hold a license as both NVOCC’s and Freight Forwarders. Contact us for more details and ask how we can make your shipping process a simple one.


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