Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ, Information
Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ, Information
Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ, Information
Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ, Information
Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ, Information

Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ

Shipping cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, heavy machinery, commercial goods, and more.

Overseas auto shipping can be a daunting task for those who have never done so. Logisticargo USA takes the mystery out of the process by walking through all the steps to successfully shipping your vehicle overseas.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every auto shipping experience is different and that’s why Logisticargo USA tailors the price to fit your needs. In addition to basic transport costs, each different shipment is priced according to distance traveled, time of desired arrival, difficulty of customs clearance, number of vehicles shipped, etc. For example: a single-vehicle air freight shipment to Columbia may cost more than multiple cars sent in a shipping container via ocean. Our team is happy to discuss what your desires are and the most cost-effective ways to accommodate your needs.

How Long Does Take?

The time it takes to ship a vehicle overseas can vary dramatically depending on the options you’ve chosen. Generally speaking shipping from the U.S.’ East Coast to most European base ports is between 9-15 days, depending on our shipping partners and the final port of arrival.

18 days on the water is the time typically required to reach Spain and Italy’s Mediterranean ports via ocean freight liners. For all other destinations trans-shipment services may be required - adesignated team member will explain all the particulars of your individual shipment.

What Do I Need to Do?

In order to get your vehicle or cargo ready and sent, we need the following items from you.

Overseas Auto Shipping FAQ

Keys - We require that clients leave their keys with us, especially for door-to-door services. Our team recommends you retain a spare set of keys to your vehicle, including those for the trunk, gas cap and other compartments with different locks.

Registration and Title - Our team will need these original documents to ensure your vehicle gets safely in and out of the ports. We will ship these documents in secure mailings overseas to the destination agent who will return them to you upon delivery completion. Be sure to make copies for your own records.

Creditor/Lessor Notarized Statement - Any automobile currently being financed or under the terms of a lease, requires a notarized statement indicating the creditor/lessor is granting permission to export it. Logisticargo USA also requires notarized copies of the title.

Photo ID - You (or the designated recipient) will need government issued identification to accept or pick up the vehicle.

Can I Transport Other Goods Inside My Vehicle?

Only with specific shipping services. Container shipping is the easiest way to transport other goods along with your vehicle- unless the items exceed the weight limit of the container your shipment should be processed as any other. RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) services do not allow any items inside the vehicle, save for spare tires, jacks, or other necessary vehicle parts.

Can Logisticargo USA Deliver the Car to My New Residence?

Absolutely! We offer our customers door-to-door services: our team members will pick up your vehicle, transport it, and our international agents will ensure your vehicle is delivered to the front steps of your new home.


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