Container shipping to Buenaventura Colombia

Shipping to Colombia Port of Buenaventura
Shipping cargo to Buenaventura, Colombia from USA

Container shipping to Cartagera Colombia

Colombia - Port of Cartagera
Shipping cargo to Cartagera, Colombia from USA

Container shipping port Santa Marta Colombia

Colombia - Port of Santa Marta
Shipping cargo to Santa Marta, Colombia from USA

Container shipping to Barranquilla Colombia

Colombia - Port of Barranquilla
Shipping cargo to Barranquilla, Colombia from USA

Container shipping to Buenaventura Colombia

Colombia - Port of Buenaventura
Shipping cargo to Buenaventura, Colombia from USA

Cargo Shipping to Colombia from the USA

Low Rates For Shipping a Car, a Truc, a Boat, a Motocycle or Heavy Machinery from USA to ports in Colombia.

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With a unique location on top of South America, having a coast line on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Colombia has become one of the most shipped to countries for major freight carriers. As a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), Logisticargo USA can help you reach the ports in Colombia with ease.

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  2. Door to Door shipping to Colombia
  3. Container Shipping
  4. LCL Shipping (Carga Suelta)
  5. Vehicle Shipping
  6. Heavy Machinery Shipping
  7. Air Freight
  8. Courier (Puerta a Puerta)

Our affiliates have a vast knowledge of all the requirements and procedures required to comply with all the regulations set forth by DIAN (Colombian Customs, Direccion de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales). We are proud of always having the best interests of our clients from Colombia as our number one priority. For this reason is that we are the partners of well-established entities who ship to Colombia on a frequent basis.

At Logisticargo USA, it is our goal to provide the best international logistics services to businesses who want a hassle free and worry free experience when it comes to international trade. By allowing us to handle your cargo, we assure that your business gains the maximum competitive advantage possible. The best solution to your shipping needs to Colombia in only a click away.

LCL / FCL Container Shipping to Colombia

LCL/FCL container shipping

We offer weekly full container load (FCL) services from ports across the United States to the ports of Buenaventura, Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Barranquilla. We also offer weekly consolidations of Less than Container Load (LCL) from our South Florida station in Miami to a number of ports in Colombia.

Whether shipping LCL shipments (Less than Container Load) or FCL shipments (Full Container Load), we are here to help. Our vast network of professionals in the ocean shipping industry gives our customers the peace of mind that their cargo is handled under strict security guidelines and with the upmost care that any client expects. Logisticargo USA can handle both your LCL and FCL shipment to Colombia and many other locations.

Shipping Cars via RoRo Ship to Colombia

RoRo cargo shipping to Peru

Being as Colombia is a country where mining and agriculture is a main form of business which is set to continue to grow, we also specialize in shipping your heavy machinery to Cartagena using RO/RO and LO/LO services. By using our RO/RO services, you will have no problem getting tractors, excavators, and any large equipment you may need to ship with no complications at all. RO/RO services and LO/LO services can also save our valuable clients' money shipping vehicles without having to pay the freight for a full container load shipment. You will also find these services beneficial when needing to ship the project cargo that will not fit inside containers.

Door-to-Door Shipping to Colombia

Door to Door services to Peru

For our valued clients with smaller shipments, we also carry a special door to door courier service known in Colombia as "puerta a puerta". Using the "puerta a puerta service", our clients can ship smaller shipments and have it arrive at their door step as fast as 3 days after the merchandise has departed our South Florida Miami station. The reason we can offer this service to our clients is that Logisticargo USA has teamed up with a number of qualified and respected affiliates in Colombia who will carry out all the necessary duties to clear customs upon arrival and carry out all the necessary procedures to have the goods shipped to your doorstep.

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