Container shipping to Buenaventura Colombia

Shipping to Colombia, Port of Buenaventura
Shipping cargo from USA to Buenaventura, Colombia

Container shipping to Cartagera Colombia

Shipping to Colombia, Port of Cartagera
Shipping cargo from USA to Cartagera, Colombia

Container shipping port Santa Marta Colombia

Shipping to Colombia, Port of Santa Marta
Shipping cargo from USA to Santa Marta, Colombia

Container shipping to Barranquilla Colombia

Shipping to Colombia, Port of Barranquilla
Shipping cargo from USA to Barranquilla, Colombia

Container shipping to Buenaventura Colombia

Shipping to Colombia, Port of Buenaventura
Shipping cargo from USA to Buenaventura, Colombia

Container Shipping Service from USA to Colombia

Shipping Commericial Goods, a Car, a Boat or heavy Equipment inside the container

Container shipping to Colombia

How We Can Help You?

There are times where a client may not wish to nor have the need to ship a full container load to Colombia. This is where our South Florida Miami station comes in. From Miami location, we offer customers weekly LCL shipments to most ports in Colombia. At our station, we will palletize, shrink wrap, strap, and ship your cargo as LCL (Carga Suelta) to the port of your choice. If your cargo is not in the South Florida area, not to worry. At Logisticargo USA we offer ground transportation services giving our clients the option of having us coordinate a complete DOOR TO PORT move from all across the United States.

Where We Can Ship in Colombia?

We have port connections on Colombia Ports including Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Santa Marta and Pacific Coast Ports Buenaventura and Tumaco. Smaller port access includes Bahía de Portete, Leticia, Puerto Bolívar, San Andrés, Santa Marta, and Turbo.

Shipping Container Sizes

Our agreements with multiple carriers allow us to have a number of container shipping options available to our clients. We have several container sizes to fit your needs. From all across the United States, we offer the shipping of 20’ containers and 40’ containers at great prices with great transit times. From our South Florida Miami station, we also offer the shipping of 45’ containers should the client have this request.

About Shipping to Colombia

Container Shipping to Colombia is a particularly delicate enterprise - the country’s history of internal political struggles and illegal arms/drugs smuggling has local Port Authorities working overtime to eradicate unsavory activities. As such, both American and local Colombia Port Authorities have a heightened and very thorough customs inspection process that must be cleared in order for a successful shipment. That is why Logisticargo USA will work with you to ensure your shipping container will pass customs inspection with flying colors.

The journey overseas can be a complicated one: container ships, depending on demand, often stop at multiple ports on their voyage and shipment time includes those middle ports and navigation time. Aboard every shipping vessel, the captain carries a log of every Colombia-bound container on the ship. The Colombian authorities are notified of the ship’s impending arrival a few days in advance in preparation for receiving goods.

After clearing customs, the container can remain sealed and shipped directly or unloaded and delivered. Delivery times may vary according to distance from the port and availability of trucks. This detailed process ensures the safe and secure shipment of goods over thousands of miles of ocean.

Logisticargo USA has the Details Covered

Container goods, including household and personal items, must be documented on a Shipping Order for insurance and security reasons. Logisticargo USA will assist in ensuring the accurate completion of the form. This documentation ensures all items arrive safe and sound at their desired destination. All containers are bolted and sealed before their journey; only security or customs officials have access to the client’s goods after shipping.

Shipping Rates to Colombia, Cost

Shipping cost includes the base rate and surcharge, excluding: port charges, Colombia customs clearance, duty, and taxes. Container shipping requirements depend on the type of cargo –our sales representatives walk all clients through the process. Please fill out the a quote request form to find how much cost to ship container to Colombia.


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